How Big Do Money Trees Get? What to Do to Decide on the Size


How Big Do Money Trees Get

How big do money trees get? This is one of the most common questions that beginners ask when they want to have the household plant at home. Often times, though, they hesitate to buy the plant because they are worried that it would take over their personal space. You should know your facts straight before making any decision. This household greenery is beautiful and visually appealing, but it’s not for everyone. Do you think it’s a perfect option for you?

How Big Do Money Trees Get
How Big Do Money Trees Get

About the Money Tree

Money tree is liked by houseplant beginners; mostly because of its tough nature as well as easy-to-care trait. As an attractive plant, it can be quite unbelievable that it takes less efforts to care and maintain. However, many people are discouraged from having it at home because they are worried about the height. Many have stated that the trees can grow to more than 50 feet. If it’s true, then a single tree can overtake your space quite easily, right?

about money tree
about money tree

Well, not so fast. So, how big do money trees get, for real? In the natural habitat, meaning in the jungle and forest, the tree can go up to 60 feet of height. However, when cared for as a houseplant, the maximum height they can reach is from 6 feet to 8 feet, max.

Then, what about the growth rate? Isn’t this plant quite fast to grow? If you keep it in a small pot and you regularly prune it, you can actually slow the growth rate down. Keep it in a bigger pot, and they will grow faster. What if you grow it outdoor? Well, when it’s grown outdoor, it can grow bigger, but not as big as the one in its natural habitat. Outdoor money tree can reach 30 feet in height, and that’s the maximum level. Keep in mind, though, that you need to make sure that your climate and weather support outdoor grown. If not, the best thing that you can do is to grow it indoor.

Money Tree Height Nature

This plant is known for its other names, including Guiana Chestnut or Good Luck Tree. It can be easily found in Northern and also Central South America. As a tropical plant, which naturally loves tropical climate (with its generous rain shower), it’s quite logical if the tree can grow tall, reaching up to 60 feet in total. So, if you are wondering how big do money trees get, that’s your answer.

Money Tree Height Nature
Money Tree Height Nature

In the wild, this tree can produce fruits, and they are edible. You should have no problem finding the trees along the river banks and swamps. If you take a look at the base (of the trunk), you may notice that it’s somewhat swollen. No need to worry. That’s the area where they keep the water.

In the event you are worried that your plant will reach the rainforest size and dimension, there’s no need to fret. Money Tree can only be massive and gigantic within the right environment. Even if you place the plant outside, it won’t be massive because it would be impossible for your surroundings to have the same nature as the tropical rainforests. Moreover, the rainforest floor enables the root to grow and spread. Because of the extensive and also expansive root system, the plant is able to achieve such massive height.

At home, your plant’s root system would be constrained by your yard or garden’s size. If you place the plant inside, it would be even constrained by the pot size. Because the roots can’t really spread and grow, the plant won’t be able to grow huge. So, now that you know the facts about how big do money trees get, choose your pot’s size carefully if you want to control the plant’s height.

Fast Growing Plant

This plant is considered a fast growing type because it can grow from seedlings to 24 inches of plat within two months only. However, this kind of growing rate is only possible when it gets optional treatment and the ideal condition. At home, you can regrow it from pruning, and it happens quite fast. The speed rate may slow a bit in a home setting, but you can still expect a fast result when compared to other plants. In fact, if you don’t control it, the plant may achieve uncontrollable growth.

Fast Growing Plant
Fast Growing Plant

If you want to control the height, you should prune it. It’s one natural way to slow its growth rate. It should be done regularly, which means that you need to dedicate your time and efforts to deal with the pruning. If you want something for your medium pot or for the corner window, Money Tree can be a good option. Go with the medium pot instead of a big one so your plant will stay compact.

How to Control Small Size?

How to Control Small Size
How to Control Small Size

After knowing how big do money trees get, you should decide whether you want to have the plant small or big. Even for some people, having a plant with 6 to 8 feet of height is still considered too big. Want to keep the small mini and adorable? Then you should do all of these things:

  • Go with smaller pots. The smaller the pot, the smaller the plant would be. When you constraint the root expansion, the plant won’t have any chance to grow big and tall. You can actually make decisions of how big the plant should be for your space. For instance, money tree for the desk would have different size from money tree for the corner space, right?
  • Make sure that you prune the plant regularly. Not only it helps to keep the plant small and compact, but it can also help with shape improvement. Pruning encourages the growth of new leaves while keeping the plant’s height within the minimum scale.
  • Besides pruning the plant, you should consider pruning the roots too. Do this at least once a year if you want to keep it small. If you need to re-pot the plant, go with the same size pot instead of a bigger one.
  • Consider buying the bonsai Money Tree version. In most cases, bonsai plant only grows to 12 inches in height. You may have to perform a thorough search to find one, but this kind of plant would be perfect for your desk. Find it in stores or nurseries. It’s also possible to buy one online.

Proper Pruning of the Tree

As it was mentioned earlier, pruning the Money Tree will keep it stay within the desired shape and size. When you do it on a yearly basis, make sure to do it in spring months. It would be the most ideal time to maintain its shape and size. Use sharp and clean object, like gardening shears or scissors. They should be clean and free from any residue, especially from other plants. You don’t want to bring in pests and disease to this plant.

Proper Pruning of the Tree
Proper Pruning of the Tree

How to do the pruning:

  • Check the trunk. You should be able to find offshoot creating a V shape
  • Trim that offshoot, right around ½ inch above that V section
  • Check the top of the tree’s branches. Find those that you want to trim.
  • Again, find branches forming the V shape. Trim around ½ inch.
  • Don’t trim your plant more than half (of the weight).

Do this on a yearly basis, and you can be sure that the plant will stay within its manageable size.

How to Grow the Plant Faster and Grow?

In the previous sections, we’ve talked about what to do when you want to keep the plant small. However, some people want it to be bigger and they want it to happen fast. After you learn about the facts about how big do money trees get, you know it won’t be gigantic or huge, but it would be tall enough for your desired height.

How to Grow the Plant Faster and Grow
How to Grow the Plant Faster and Grow

What can you do, then?

  • Repot your plant to a bigger pot. Bigger pot allows wider expansion of the root system. When you go with bigger pots, you provide your plant with chances to grow taller and wider.
  • Make sure that you choose the right soil, with the fresh content. Good drainage, for a starter, is a must. Soil with peat moss nature would be the most ideal one. Cactus or flower soil is great. If you are able to add gravel or sand to the soil, it would be even better because it will support better drainage.
  • The plant needs good nutrient, which can come from the fertilizer. Fertilize it during springs and summers. Apply it once in every 2 or 3 weeks to ensure maximum growth. It’s better that you use liquid type with balanced content that has been diluted to half of its strength. You don’t want to burn the roots, after all. If the plant is still small and compact, only fertilize once in several months. Do it in summer months or growing seasons. Remember, the bigger the plant, the more frequent you will have to fertilize it.
  • Don’t move it around too much. The plant prefers a steady spot. It doesn’t like being moved around too much because it has to adapt to a new spot again and again. If it is stressed out, it will drop the leaves a bit. Of course, the leaves may recover and grow again, but let’s not forget that you want to have fast growth, which means that you don’t really want to disturb the plant too much.
  • Make sure to water it just enough. Water it until you see water comes out of the drainage holes and simply wait until the soil is dry. Don’t water it too much or too often because it may lead to root rotting.

In short, you need to provide enough nutrition, water, and enough space. Space is one of the crucial aspects in supporting its height and growth. The more space you can provide, the better it will be.

Don’t forget to re-pot the plant regularly. At least, do it once in two years. It will make sure that your plant is thriving and happy because it can have a new (and fresh) soil within a new pot. If you want to keep it small, go with the similar sized pot. If you want it to grow bigger, go with the bigger pot.

Interesting Facts about the Plant

This plant isn’t just a regular greenery. Some people believe that not only it brings better and fresher effect to the surrounding area, but it also brings good luck. That’s why some people like to have this plant as their good luck charm.

  • The plant is considered a lucky plant. It brings luck and also prosperity. That’s why this plant is often given as a housewarming present, office décor, or popular gifts. Some like to have this plant during new year, especially at the beginning.
  • Seven leaves are considered the luck bearer. Money Trees mostly have around 5 to 6 leaves within every stem. But it’s possible to find 7 leaves. You may actually have found your lucky charm plant because seven-leaf-stem is said to bring in extra luck.
  • Not many people know that this plant can have various height levels. Some only know the bonsai Money Tree, while others know the taller ones. You should know that this plant is basically versatile. It can be small or big or tall; depending on your wish. After you know about how big do money trees get, you can decide which size you are more comfortable with.

Final Words

Whatever size you want from your plant, always pay careful attention to the proper care. It should be happy and strong regardless the size. You should also decide whether you can have it indoor or outdoor. If you do want it outdoor, does your climate and weather support it? Outdoor grown is only possible when you have semi tropical or tropical climate, so really plan out how you want to grow the plant. Now that you already understand the entire fact of how big do money trees get, the rest is up to you. Read about Pothos Temperature Tolerance: WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ! and Philodendron Birkin Reverting: What Causes It And How To Prevent It? in pandan creamery.

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